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The Populous Community, born with the implementation of a multiplayer service hosted by EA Games, has nowadays thousands of members from all over the world, from the widest range of ages and with the most varied interests, opinions and skills.

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Back in the EA servers, where the group of players was rather small, most of the members knew each other well enough to live one of the most curious and fun stages in Populous' history. Many stories are told from the days when playing online was quite a technological challenge. Many of the projects and ideas that back at the time were rather unthinkable were born in EA; today they are possible and many are part of our gaming reality.

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When EA servers were shut down, the community didn't give up at all! Instead, they created a new website, new forums, a new multiplayer client, and a whole new concept of playing online. This was the start of Populous Reincarnated.

Not happy with the service provided by Pop:Re, a group of users decided to part from the project and build their own client and community. Wildman Productions, later on Populous Resurrection, provided the community with a completely different alternative for multiplaying.

Together with these services, many members of the community started their own projects. Websites, mappacks, a Populous wiki, single player campaigns, even artworks!. The Populous fans were determined to make the community proud by devoting their time and skills to the game.

Populous Mana Source was born then, as a website for tips in Polish, created and managed by several Polish Players. The project continued to evolve until it became an important part of Populous' history.

Yet not happy with the alternatives for playing online, the project Walfadia was born. With a new program for playing online, a new community gathered on their forums as well.

Nowadays, and with several years of expertise in providing a website for Populous fans, Populous Mana Source wants to expand its service to several new projects, such as a multilingual website, a new Open Source Multiplayer Platform, new forums, an installer for Populous, even support for more games in the future!

On the several sections of this website you can find information about all our projects, how to benefit from them and how to get involved and help us. On our forums you can find help as well as information about everything related to Populous and a place where to meet other Populous players!

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