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Welcome to the Translations section. Do you speak any of the additional languages supported? Would you like to help us with keeping our website up to date in every language? Read through this article and find out what this job is about!

A multilingual website demands constant updates coordinated between each section and the mother section, so that when a user switches from a language to another, the content remains as similar as possible. Therefore, the translating process is constant and requires dedication and accuracy.

Global translators are in change of two main aspects - content (articles, titles, news, etc) and metadata (descriptions, links, alternative text, etc). The content is mainly edited on the website with our visual editor. It provides editors with all the necessary options, from text format to various features like inserting images and hyperlinks, and allows the edition of HTML code. Metadata can be edited from three sources.


graphical editor

The visual editor provides with fields for the article's metadata; while the HTML code allows the metadata edition of images links, etc. And for both content and metadata the main tool is Joomla!.


Joom!Fish, the extension of Joomla!, has a pannel for each language where both content and metadata can be translated. It contains graphical editors just like the website does and several tools for the translation of even the most trivial details.

For every article translated, the work of the translators is displayed under their own name so that the readers can appreciate their effort.

The job of a translator is partially technical, involving the basic knowledge of a graphical editor and the intuition to use the Joom!Fish panel; skills that are easily learned with practice and the information we can provide. But most important, the job of a translator carries the responsibility of dealing not only with the content of the website but also with the edition of paths, descriptions and links. Every translator is responsible for what is published in their sections, the accuracy of each piece of information written by them, the edition of all the metadata and content that could affect the functions of the website, etc.

meta description 

As mentioned before, the content must remain as similar and accurate as possible in every section, including the formatting of images within articles, the targetting of links, the placing of titles, the formatting of the text, etc. The translation of an article should not be an alternative version of the original writing but the original writing made readable for people who speak a different language. This way we will be providing accurate and truthful information to all our readers around the world.

We are looking for responsible and devoted members who can speak English and any of the other languages supported, who are willing to help us keep our site up to date and appealing to our readers. People who want to learn as well, since this job has a lot to teach both in a technical aspect and in a human aspect.

Would you like to be part of our team? Contact us!

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