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  Populous: The Beginning


Full game Populous: The Beginning with its official expansion - Undiscovered Worlds. The expansion contains a new campaign and new multiplayer maps. The installer also contains the hosting patch that allows hosting multiplayer games behind a router.

This version is compatible with patch 1.03 so you don''t need to install this patch separately. It also contains the colours fix for windows 7 users (the Scroll Lock key fixes temporal problems with colours in game).

This version also has improved minimap enabled by default. You can find more information about the minimap in this article. To reduce the size of the installer and bandwidth of the server, removed are all movies and high quality music. The difference between high and low quality music is barely noticeable anyway.


Size 67 MB
Downloads 93956
Language English
License Abandonware
Author Bulfrog
Created 2011-04-28 12:00:00
Created by System
Changed at 2014-11-10 08:44:15
Modified by DAroo