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Written by DAroo Thursday, 28 April 2011 12:00

The Multiplayer Platform is a program intended to make multiplaying easier. To a future vision, it will support many games, although right now we are working intensively on supporting Populous III: The Beginning. The first steps in the development of this program were made in 2010 by DAroo and they were the result of his frustration with the organisation of the project Populous Reincarnated, where, at the time, most of the Populous players were gathered.

Our priority is the excellent support of the game Populous III in this program, but the Open Source architecture allows the easy addition of support to many more games. Right now, this website and all our efforts are focused on Populous, but we plan to expand this project to more games and more communities.

client architecture

Multiplayer Platform is programmed using C++ with an extensive use of framework Qt for GUI, multithreading, network and other modern technologies. To build the system we use the cross platform Cmake. All the code we create is licensed under Open Source GPL 3 license.

If you know C++ you can help us with the development of this program. There is an open book about Qt framework available for those who would like to learn about this framework. Also, Cmake has a tutorial with examples for new users. We support our developers in making their first steps.

Together with the Multiplayer Platform we are creating Game Guard, which is an anti-cheating system. Thus, we also need help of people skilled in reverse engineering to protect our Game Guard against manipulations. Modding Populous is also a way to make a good use of the talent of people skilled in reverse engineering.

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