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The Populous Installer project, started by DAroo, was released to the public domain in 2010 for its further development.

The project tries to create an installer for the full game that replaces the CD versions, fixes the most critical bugs of the game, and provides an updated program that doesn't need extra patches.


This installer was made with the Open Source installer system NSIS with a modern user interface.

Features already included in the installer:

  • Populous files from the original Bullfrog installation including movies (with the least important movies and adverts removed to improve the size of the game).
  • Adds to the Windows Registry the same information that the original installation adds.
  • Adds shortcuts to the user's desktop, Start menu and an entry in the Add/Remove Programs utility of Windows.
  • The uninstaller removes all the previously installed files, the information in Windows Registry and the shortcuts.
  • The executable files have the No-CD patch already applied.
  • Fixes the Windows 7 colour problem.
  • Installs Alacn's Resolution Changer.
  • Enables by default the improved minimap.
  • Gives the option to install either only The Beginning or both The Beginning and Undiscovered Worlds.
  • Gives the option to install the hosting patch, which changes the version of the game to 1.03 (it doesn't install the additional and rarely used programs that the actual Patch 1.03 installs).

Features that can be added to the installer:

  • Giving the user the choice to pick whether they want to install shortcuts to their desktop.
  • When uninstalling, removing the Bullfrog folder if it is empty.
  • Adding a License section with information about the limited responsibility.
  • Setting the Resolution Changer executable to run as Administrator.
  • Option to keep save games while uninstalling.
  • Improved graphics for the icon for both the installer and uninstaller.
  • Enabling or disabling certain useful Populous options by default (eg. resolution).
  • Support for more languages for Populous (right now it's always installed English version of Populous).


For more information and access to the files visit the thread in our forums.

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