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Informations for translators and those who are interested in editing the articles.

[edit] WYSIWYG editor

    Go to the article page, go to the language you want to translate (green). Make sure you're not on the English version - for Spanish there will be Spanish flag active (green). Click on the edit button (blue).
    Now the main visual editor should be visible. Lets take a look on the most important buttons:
    red - undo / redo - you can always undo recent actions / edition
    blue - basic image edition, button is activated and clickable when you select a picture.
    green - image browser, you can upload, select, check what pictures are available on the server.
    cyan - link details, button is activated and clickable when you select a piece of text to make link or already created link; it's used to edit address of the link.
    pink - article preview in new window
    More buttons functionality is described in the editor help - top, left button with '?' on the blue background.
    Apart from texts also images descriptions need to be translated. Select a picture, click on the edition button (blue), update image description (red) and update the changes.
    Last thing to do is to update metadata informations about the article. Fill your nick in the field "Author Alias" (red). Description (blue) is one, two sentences about the article (should be short) eg. "Graphic packs and files essential for all populous fans interested in creating own website or making his windows look more climatic". Keywords (green) are several words separated by commas related with article eg. "populous, graphic, package, images, icons, pop theme, wallpapers, sounds, gif, animations"

[edit] Image Manager

    To go to the image manager click on the manager icon (green)
    To go the image manager you can also click on the image edition (blue) and then on the image browser: (red)
    In the image editor you can notice folder list (red). When you click on the folder you get a file list inside him (blue). Files can be filtered (green) and sorted (cyan). To upload files to selected earlier directory (red) go to the upload manager (orange).
    Add files you want to upload and click upload.

For the images there are few folders like "advanced" for general articles about advanced techniques. If you want to upload series of the images it would be good idea to create new folder for them to avoid situation with folder and hundreds files in it. Name of the picture should describe file a bit, do not upload pictures with names like: screen01.jpg, screen02.jpg...

Please remember to always click "save" or "cancel" button after editing an article (don't close the tab or browser) or it will stay locked for others. They will see a message like "The article xyz is currently being edited by another Editor, Publisher, or Administrator." while trying to edit article.

Care with switching to different language while translating article on the site. When you open Spanish version, click edit, switch to English version in a new tab, edit Spanish article in a first tab and click save then you will edit english article. Your browser always switch to different language no matter how many tabs you have opened. Simple test:

  1. Open English article.
  2. Open different article in a second tab in the browser.
  3. Switch to different language in a second tab.
  4. Refresh first tab - this is going to change language in the first tab to the one picked in the second tab.

It's more safe to use two browsers - the first one for browsing English version and the second one for editing an article.

Feel free to check and test various options - original content can usually be easily restored by administrator at any time. If there would be any problems just ask on the forums.

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