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This library is a proposition for implementation and unification of all populous formats and interaction with the game itself.


[edit] Features

TODO list of features

[edit] Roadmap

New features && Improvements

  1. Finish implementation of triggers
  2. Finish implementation of discoveries

[edit] How to compile from source

This project uses crossplatform build system - CMake. SVN client is required to download source code from the repository and commit changes. You can also use IDE, which integrates these functionalities and offers GUI for it.

Programs which description is covered below are KDevelop (linux only), Microsoft C++ Visual Studio 2010 (windows only) and Eclipse CDT (java). Other IDEs, which have CMake and SVN support but which aren't covered by this page: Code::Blocks (windows, linux, mac osx). If you would have any problems with building you can ask for help on the forums.

Supported versions of tools:

  • CMake >= 2.6

[edit] Visual Studio 2010 (Windows)

  1. You need to download project files from the SVN repository. You can use any SVN client for Windows (eg. QSvn, eSvn, RapidSVN) for this purpose or use extern plugin to visual like AnkhSVN. Suggested SVN client is http://tortoisesvn.net/ , we don't recommend plugins to IDE for SVN support, because it's not always possible to control all their actions (eg. they can commit some visual project files without asking user about it).
  2. When using extern SVN client follow instructions for your client and download project files from the repository (https://pop3lib.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pop3lib/trunk).
    When using AnkhSVN download project files by: File > Open > Subversion Project..., fill with the repository adress (https://pop3lib.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pop3lib/trunk), pick file poplib.sln from the build directory and let it being downloaded. Close Visual Studio, we are going to generate project files.
  3. Generate Visual Studio project files using CMake GUI:
    Where is the source code: path to the project files eg. C:\Users\daroo\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\poplib
    Where to build the binaries: pick directory for binaries eg. C:\Users\daroo\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\poplib\build
    Now Configure > Use default native compilers then Configure and Generate.
  4. You can now open Visual Studio, open solution file from the "build" directory and compile the project.

[edit] Command line (Linux)

  1. Install C++ compiler, CMake and Subversion. Sample command in debian:
    sudo apt-get install binutils cmake subversion
  2. Download poplib from the repository
    svn co https://pop3lib.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pop3lib/trunk poplib
  3. Compile the library
    cd poplib/build && cmake ../ && make

[edit] Internal design of the library

TODO High level description of the lib

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